The Ableton User Group Eindhoven (also AUGE) is for all level Ableton Live & Push (future) users based in (or visiting) region Eindhoven.

Please contact us to become a registered member before (for free) making a reservation.

The events are in Dutch but when there is enough interest, a session can also be in English (the language is always part of the event info).

The aim of the Group is to help Live & Push users, network, share information and experiment in an informal environment. Any ideas for a special or regular event are welcome.

The “Ableton BAR” in the center of Eindhoven is where most events take place. The venue can change based on numbers of visitors, availability & type of event.

Events are published on the Facebook page (detailed info will be on this website on the calendar page.

Initiator/organiser: Jurgen Winkel

Jurgen Winkel (aka SONICrider) can provide in individual training session focussing on:
– Ableton for new users
– Ableton advanced (based on the question)
– Ableton and VDMX (visuals)
– Ableton and DMXis (light)
– Ableton and modular
– Ableton and UAD (set up)
– Inspiration sessions

The Ableton User Group is an official Ableton user group.